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creation of datawarehouse, multi-application integration, and central processings

architected and coded db, ui, business layer and data collections

SQL Server db, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3


AirportOps AirlineBilling
PortAuthority NewYork NewJersey

creation of electronic collection of air-terminal records and itinerant billing systems

architected and coded db, ui, business layer and data collections

ORACLE db, .Net/C# UI, C#/PL_SQL middle layer, Crystal Reports


Media Mapper

creation of foreign media outlet mapping tool

architected and coded db, ui, geo-mapper, and flash/google map integration

SQLServer db, .Net/C# and Flash UI, GoogleMapsAPI mapping


Field Fire Mapper Prototype

creation of incident mapping tool for intterra group

architected and coded ui, geo-mapper, and multi browser integration

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, JQuery


Flight Tracker

creation of air traffic control airspace monitor and aircraft tracker

coded and enhanced ui, geo-mapper, and flash/google map integration

WebServices db, Flash UI, GoogleMapsAPI mapping, XML parsing

installed at many airport ATC towers including Boston, Louisville, DC


Runways & Weather

creation of air traffic control weather object to display current runways and conditions

coded and enhanced ui, geo-mapper, and flash/google map integration

NodeJS, WebServices db, NodeJS mnanual lat long mapping, XML parsing

installed at many airport ATC towers including Boston, Seattle, Louisville, DC

$ Invest

Investment Advisor

creation of institutional accounting investment manager and performance monitor

architected, coded and migrated legacy data

WebServices, HTML, CSS, ORACLE, SQL Server

installed at many banking institutions


Government Compliance

creation of government compliant procurement database and webservice for current status

architected, coded and migrated data

WebServices, HTML, CSS, MySQL

installed at UPS manufacturing facility


ORACLE SQLServer MySQL Access Sybase

experts in database development
architecture, design, creation, data migration, data massaging and implementation

fluent in SQL, DDL, T-SQL and PL-SQL


UI BusinessLayer Batch Reports

experts in application development
architecture, design, code, commenting and standardizations

fluent in .Net, C#, Java, Flex, VisualBasic, PowerBuilder and CrystalReports


UI Animation HTML5 Mobile XML Responsive Design

experts in cross-browser and mobile web development
design, code, integrate and scale

fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Objective-C and Flash


FlightTracking OpsSummary FlightSchedules AirlineBilling Reports

deweye has over 20 years experience in the Aviation industry

we've worked with DFW, PANYNJ, JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterborro, Boston, Logan, Massport, Louiville, Atlanta and countless other airports

we've developed and implemented every airport related system from flight-tracking to taxi queue dispatching


Banking AccountManagement Investment Attribution

deweye has over 12 years experience in the Financial industry

we've worked with BankOfAmerica, Fidelity, SunTrust, Sendero, MyCityPay, WellsFargo and several other financial institutions

we've developed attribution modeling, account management, reporting compliances, performance measuring tools, generational estate management and many other financial applications


Data Warehouse Data Architect

deweye has 2 clients in Education

we're currently working with a college and large school district to create a data warehouse and a hot redundant data backup


MediaMapper FireMapping GatewayDataSilo

deweye has over 5 years experience in the Government Sector

we've worked with DOD, USADA, Municipal Airports, IntterraGroup and other government agencies and contractors

we've developed a mult-media outlet mapper, data warehouses, fire mapping tool, various custom reports, management tools and many other applications in use by government agencies today


what when why

deweye  consulting, inc founded in 2006 by Randy Fair

to provide the sharpest application developers

to architect the strongest databases

to design striking user interfaces

to obtain unreachable goals


Contact Phone Address

email      randy
cell         719.210.7650
address  PO Box 6426
               Colorado Springs, CO 80934


Recommendations Recognition ROI

"Awesome guys; I knew you could do it."
-Jason with inAvid

"We are moving forward with quarterly reporting using your reports. Just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work and for making them look so good."
-Jeff with Sendero Wealth Management

"I just want to let you know that you and your team did a great job on the software. Please extend my thanks and complements to them."
-Chris with ITT Exelis

"Thanks for all of the great work and support you have given us!"
-Deborah with Southwest Regional CPR

"I just viewed the web site. Great Web Page!! It was nicely put together and easy to use."
- A.Knight a client of Devotion in Motion

"GREAT JOB EVERYONE - thanks for the extra support and analysis this weekend. It wouldn't be successful without you all."
-Kate with FirstRate Investment Systems

I feel very blessed to be a part of a team that frequently receives comments like this and to work for clients who are cool enough to share their positive comments.